Tadano ATF 60G-3 now available | Crane Plus

Tadano ATF 60G-3 now available | Crane Plus:

Two years after its launch at Bauma 2016, the ATF 60G-3 from manufacturer Tadano is now available for sale.
According to Tadano, the 60 tonne capacity ATF 60G-3 has a drive concept designed to optimise weight distribution, resulting in a 10 t axle load configuration. To acheive this required a redesign of the axle layout and placement of the engine. This means the ATF 60G-3 has two front axles and one rear axle, while the undercarriage and superstructure are driven by a rear engine installed on the superstructure. This setup, Tadano said, distributes the main boom’s weight more efficiently on the axles and shifts weight to the rear. 

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The ATF 60G-3 is equipped with a 20 t hook block in its 10 t axle load configuration, which enables it to lift up to 17.1 t, taking into account the maximum hoisting winch traction. In addition, the three-axle crane has been optimised for axle loads of 12 t, 13 t and 16.5 t, said Tadano. 
Because the engine is at the rear, the cab is quiet, Tadano explained. Also, because the engine and exhaust system are mounted behind the superstructure cab, and always pivot along with the it, the operator is not exposed to any exhaust fumes, it added. 

The crane’s boom extends from 9.5 to 48 metres, with a boom extension of between 1.7 m to 7.4 m. The maximum sheave height is 58.4 m and the ATF 60G-3 has a maximum radius of 44 m. The 260 kW (354 hp) engine on the superstructure is from Mercedes Benz and is Euromot IV – EPA Tier 4f compliant.
The crane’s dimensions (11.18 m long, 2.66 m wide and 3.68 m high) mean it is suitable for jobs with limited ceiling height, i.e in halls or refineries, said Tadano.

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