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Purchased 19 cranes From Grove and National Crane | Crane Plus

Purchased 19 cranes From Grove and National Crane | Crane Plus:

US based rental company Maxim Crane Works has purchased 19 cranes from Grove and National Crane.

The order includes eight 100 tonne Grove GRT8100 Rough Terrain cranes, three Grove 100 tonne TMS9000-2 truck- mounted cranes and eight of the new 50 tonne National Crane NBT55Ls. The GRT8100 features a 47 metre main boom, plus extension, which takes the maximum tip height to 73 metres.  The Grove GRT 8100 The four axle TMS9000-2 truck crane boasts a 51.6 metre main boom and a 79.3 metre maximum tip height, while the NBT55L has a 46 metre main boom and 54.6 metre maximum tip height. All three cranes have been launched within the past 18 months. 

The new Grove TMS 9000-2 Chief operating officer Frank Bardonaro said: “A lifting company can only be as good as the tools it uses to complete the job. For years we have relied on Manitowoc, Grove and National Crane to deliver us cranes that offer superior quality and return on investment. We…

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4 Demags for Mexico | Crane Plus

4 Demags for Mexico | Crane Plus:

Mexican rental company Arrendo has ordered four Demag All Terrain cranes, a 300 tonne AC 300-6, two 100 tonne AC 100-4Ls, and a 500 tonne AC 500-8. The six axle AC 300-6 has an 80 metre main boom plus a 21 metre bi-fold extension, with up to 40 degrees of offset. It will be the first model of its kind in Mexico. The four axle AC 100-4L has a maximum boom length of 59.4 metres and a 10 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension, giving a maximum tip height of 81.7 metres. The eight axle AC 500-8 features a 56 metre main boom, and when combined with its 90 metre luffing jib provides a maximum tip height of 146 metres. Demag AC 300-6 Headquartered in Mexico City, Arrendo’s fleet comprises a wide range of cranes and aerial work platforms from companies such as Demag, Terex, Hyva and Haulotte.

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