Bought Two Demag AC 220-5 All Terrain Cranes | Crane Plus

Bought Two Demag AC 220-5 All Terrain Cranes | Crane Plus:

US crane sales, rental and service company Scott-Macon Equipment has bought two Demag AC 220-5 all-terrain cranes from manufacturer Terex Cranes. The new order joins the company’s existing Terex order for an AC 160-5 and AC 220-5.
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The Demag AC 220-5 is in the 245 US tons (220 tonnes) capacity class and has a boom length of 255.9 feet (78 metres). Terex said this is the longest main boom reach of any five-axle crane on the market. With boom extensions the crane’s reach can be extended to a 324.8 ft (99 m).
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The AC 220-5 also has a single engine with an intelligent motor management system to reduce operational and maintenance costs, says Terex, plus all-axle steering, independent rear-axle steering and dynamic launch control.
Scott-Macon Equipment is also a distributor of Terex cranes and, according to Terex, the Demag AC 220-5 will be available from them soon.

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