ALE launches bridge in Spain | Crane Plus

ALE launches bridge in Spain | Crane Plus:

Heavy lift and transportation specialist ALE has announced the successful completion of a bridge launch in Spain using SPMT instead of traditional methods. The bridge weighed 2,100 tonnes and measured 200 metres long.
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ALE said it used SPMT to help minimise costs. “In a traditional bridge launch, the entire structure bridge would need to be reinforced and would require additional civil works,” explained Carlos Gerez, ALE account manager – civil and mining. “We wanted to find a customised solution for the client that could avoid extra reinforcement and civil works costs. We designed a solution using SPMTs that meant the bridge only needed to be reinforced in specific areas, which saved time and cost for the client.”
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The bridge will form part of the new A-38 highway in Valencia, providing congestion relief to the area.
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