Launches large loader cranes | Crane Plus

Launches large loader cranes | Crane Plus:

Hydraulic loader crane manufacturer HMF has announced two new big cranes, the HMF 7020 and HMF 9520. Both are built for heavy and repetitive work.
High capacity for low weight is an aim of the HMF design of these 50 and 75 tonne-metre range cranes. At a horizontal outreach of 20.1 metres the 9520K8-RCS with eight extensions lifts 2,860 kg. The 7020K8-RCS with eight extensions lifts 2,050 kg at a maximum horizontal outreach of 20.4 m. Fly jibs are available on both.
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New features include PowerHoist, PowerSwing and PowerDisplay. The first is for winch-equipped cranes and winds in the wire rope as the crane is folded in. PowerSwing is proportionally distributes hydraulic oil so that outrigger functions can be operated at the same time. PowerDisplay is a new colour screen designed to make controlling the crane easier and to speed up operation.
A new two-speed slewing system offers better speed control and more precise positioning, the Danish manufacturer said. The RCL security system has also been upgraded with new features, PCC and PFC.
PCC stands for Progressive Crane Control which smooths out the motions of the crane, which improves efficiency and reduces wear. PFC (Progressive Flow Control) controls the flow of oil when the demand is for more oil than the pump can deliver. It means that all operations can continue to function. EVS (Electronic Vehicle Stability) system is also fitted to monitor the vehicle’s stability and maximise the crane’s working range.
The new 7020 and 9520 replace the 6020 and 8520 in the HMF range. Orders are now being taken with the first cranes ready for delivery in the third quarter of 2018.

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