Palfinger unveils HD spider cranes | Crane Plus

Palfinger unveils HD spider cranes | Crane Plus:

Palfinger is set to unveil a three new heavy duty tracked articulated boom spider cranes at the IAA show in Hannover in September. 

The PCC range will include three models - the 18.2 tonne PCC 57.002, the 22 tonne PCC 71.002 and 30 tonne PCC 115.002 - the largest of which will be displayed at the show.

Each crane can be separated into three modules - the crawler chassis, the main crane and the counterweight - for easier transportation or gaining access through restricted areas. The crane module can self-load onto a truck using its outriggers and be operated in this position without its chassis, or it can be truck mounted. 
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The crane module of the PCC 115.002 with jib and winch weighs 25 tonnes, while the tracked chassis weighs 10 tonnes. 

Palfinger says the crane offers a compact design, the ability to cross all manner of different terrain and is highly adaptable. The crane has the ability to ‘shift’ forwards and backwards by using its outrigger beams, allowing it to pass though openings without its chassis when headroom is limited or to load itself into a container.

The cranes have overall widths from 1.9 to 2.1 metres, overall heights between 2.8 to 3.66 metres or 2.1 to 2.36 metres without the chassis. Overall length ranges from 5.9 to 7.45 metres.

Maximum lift height of the outriggers is just less than two metres which can level the crane on slopes up to eight degrees
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All models can handle their maximum capacity through 360 degrees and there is some pick & carry capacity. Maximum lift height of the outriggers is just under two metres which can level the crane on slopes up to eight degrees. A winch is available depending on the model for example the PK 115.002 has a 3.5 tonne winch.

Ground clearance is between 200 and 275mm, while gradeability is 30 percent with the option of 60 percent. The ramp angle at the front and rear is 17 degrees. Working indoors is helped with a separate battery power pack and additional plastic outrigger pads.

The crane module can be used on the crawler chassis or on a truck

The 30 tonne - 103.9 tonne/metre PCC 115.002 has a maximum reach without jib of 23.1 metres, reaching 33 metres with jib at which it can handle 820kg. Outrigger footprint is 7.6 x 9.0 metres and overall weight is about 33 tonnes.

The 67.8 tonne/metre PCC 71.002 has a maximum capacity of 22 tonnes. Maximum reach without jib of 21.4 metres or 31.6 metres with jib at which it can lift 470kg. Ourigger footprint is the same as the PCC 115.002 but overall weight is 31.5 tonnes.

The 18.2 tonne -52.6 tonne/metre PCC 57.002 offers 21.5 metres reach without jib and 29.5 metres at which it can lift 470kg. Overall length is 5,900mm, width 1,900mm and total weight about 20 tonnes. 

Other new models to be unveiled at the IAA show include two new loader cranes from its TEC series - the PK 37.002 TEC 7 and PK 35.002 TEC 5 - and its latest heavy duty crane - the PK 135.002 TEC 7. Palfinger Platforms will show its first electric aerial work platform, the P 370 KSE which combines regular diesel chassis with battery powered platform.

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