Hydra Falls Over While Lifting Slab For Metro Work | Crane Plus

Hydra Falls Over While Lifting Slab For Metro Work | Crane Plus:

In a freak incident a Hydra crane fell over while lifting a 2.5-tonne slab for the elevated portion of the North-South corridor of the Ahmedabad. The incident sparked rumours of death of a labourer and of others being injured.
The crane fell over on its side near Acher in Motera area. Metro officials said while a slab was being lifted for fitting to the elevated platform, the crane lost balance and the slab fell on another crane which was standing in the vicinity. News Image
Officials said the crane fell over as soon as the slab was lifted because the ground below the crane was wet and soggy due to rains and couldn’t bear the load. Officials said that when slabs are lifted, a small crane first lifts the slab to a particular height and from there another crane takes it higher and to the final level.
Eyewitness say that the driver of the crane on which the slab fell got stuck in his cabin. Nearby residents saved the driver. Metro officials said after lifting the slab, they ensured no person was below the slab or in the vicinity.
 MEGA managing director IP Gautam said, “The minor incident of slipping of the small crane (Hydra) was caused possibly due to rains. There is no damage to parapet or any other structure of the elevated corridor. This entire operation was being done under safety supervision to ensure that no untoward incident takes place.”
He further said that the engineering department and the contractors have already been directed not to use Hydra type smaller cranes during rainy season. However, the incident led to rumours that the slab collapsed killing one person and injuring some other labourers.

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