Improved a number of new features on hook block-mounted camera systems | Crane Plus

Improved a number of new features on hook block-mounted camera systems | Crane Plus:

For 2018, Blokcam has modified and improved a number of new features on its hook block-mounted camera systems. These cameras can be used for a number of cranes, including mobile construction, tower, gantry, and port cranes. Updates have been made to the sensor, processor, monitor, and charging station.
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The new sensor (s4) is a 113° wide-angle lens housed in lightweight aluminum. The low-profile design, tool-free operation and rotatable lens allows for easy installation on any side of the hook block including in between the cheek plates. Key features are the 1080p HD resolution, quick and easy installation using high-powered neodymium magnets, and an omni-directional audio sensor.
To improve the efficiency of BlokCam batteries and camera system performance, a new charging system has been added to the 2018 camera. Featuring purpose-built aluminum housing, the charging station has a multi-voltage DC input, LED charge indicator, and non-slip rubber foot pads and color-coded inputs for fool-proof installation.
The purpose-built processor (P2) can project multiple high-definition images and audio via HDMI with less than 0.2 seconds of latency. The design of the processor accommodates multi-voltage AC and DC inputs that make the BlokCam system compatible across all types of cranes. The processor also provides power to the monitor, eliminating the need for a secondary socket or power supply. Multiple mounting options for universal deployment.
For the operator, the upgraded 10.1-inch, 16:9 LCD monitor (M2) has a 1080p HD resolution, a 1280×800 pixel panel with brightness control, and built-in speakers.
Several features on BlokCam’s Twin Crane Camera system also have been improved for 2018.
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BlokMag Attachment
The updated twin sensor S4t enhances BlokCam’s capabilities when working with larger hook blocks or other lifting accessories. The two sensors connect to a single transmitter, allowing multiple viewing options in 1080p HD resolution.
The modular BlokMag (BM1) system allows the crane camera system to attach to a hook block with a curved surface with the modular BlokMag system. Using high-powered neodymium magnets, the BlokMag is quick and easy to install and is available for all block-mounted components.
When using multiple cameras, the footswitch (FS1) provides hands-free operation for crane operators needs to toggle between single and split-screen mode.
Improved a number of new features on hook block-mounted camera systems. We publish all the latest information from this industry. Read full news


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