Germany’s first Grove GMK4100L-1 to be equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope | Crane Plus

Germany’s first Grove GMK4100L-1 to be equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope | Crane Plus:

  • * German crane provider Auto-Klug has taken delivery of a Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain crane, the first in the country to be equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope.

  • * The crane was chosen for its extra-long reach and strong lifting capacity in combination with a compact four-axle chassis design for higher maneuverability. It was also equipped with other design features to improve its roadability.
Germany’s Auto-Klug has acquired its first Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain crane. It was delivered to the company’s Bindlach branch in southeast Germany, where it plans to use the crane for a wide range of lifting applications that support its transport operations. 
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The 100 t capacity, four-axle crane with a 60 m main boom not only offers the best load charts in its class in maximum counterweight configuration, but also in its most common taxi configuration with a weight of less than 12 t per axle, including 6.7 t of counterweight (a common axle load limit in many countries). This unit has also been equipped with aluminum rims to reduce the crane’s weight – which is below the permissible total weight of 48 t – making it more roadable while increasing operating margins.
“We are pleased to take delivery of such a versatile crane,” explained Werner Glück, managing partner at Auto-Klug. “Its 100 t lifting capacity from just four axles is very impressive, and combined with the 60 m boom, it will enable us to maneuver the crane in tighter job sites and complete lifts that we once had to use larger cranes for. We were also convinced by the single-engine concept with highly reduced fuel consumption overall — this will increase our utilization and return on investment.”

As one of the most cutting-edge lifting companies in Germany, Auto-Klug is often on the forefront of new crane and lifting technologies. This particular GMK4100L-1 is the first to arrive in the country equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope. Made from a combination of high-performance synthetic fibers, the K-100 is 80% lighter than wire rope and boasts torque-neutral construction that eliminates load spin and cabling. The new hoist material also makes for easy handling, reeving and installation, and because it does not require lubrication with heavy grease, it is environmentally friendly.
“We have been very intrigued by the K-100 synthetic rope and the benefits it offers. It helps us by reducing weight and maintenance effort, and it also makes it easier for the operator to reeve the rope on the jib and hook blocks. It will eliminate some of the issues they face with kinking, bird caging and spooling damage. In the end, this will also help us to reduce costs,” Werner Glück said.
In English, “Klug” means “smart.” And that’s what Hof, Germany-based Auto-Klug offers its clients: smart solutions. Its near 200 employees provide cranes, towing/recovery and heavy hauling services from its many locations in Northern Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. More than half of its 50-crane fleet are Groves.
Germany’s first Grove GMK4100L-1 to be equipped with a K-100 synthetic rope. We publish all the latest information from this industry. Read full news


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