First German Demag AC 55-3 | Crane Plus

First German Demag AC 55-3 | Crane Plus:

Mammoet Germany has taken the first 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 All Terrain crane to be delivered in the country.

The three axle AC 55-3 features a 50 metre main boom, which can be lowered to five degrees below horizontal for easy rigging from the ground, while the flexible outriggers set up allows them to be positioned independently with the IC-1 Plus calculating the load chart based on the crane’s actual configuration. The company says it decided to purchase the AC 55-3 after the success the crane had with its Dutch division, and it will be used at BASF’s chemical plant in Ludwigshafen.
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Repair manager Vitor da Costa said: “The main reason why we chose the Demag AC 55-3 is its outstanding lifting capacity. In addition, the AC 55-3 is an extraordinarily robust and reliable crane, as our Dutch colleagues have confirmed.”
Mammoet Germany, Demag AC 55-3
Mammoet Germany’s new Demag AC 55-3
“We have a large number of cranes from Demag and Terex in every class, and every single project for which we’ve used them globally has been extremely successful, which is why we keep adding more.”
Established in 1991, Mammoet Germany is headquartered in Leuna, with other depots in Ludwigshafen, Krefeld, and Flensburg. The company is also opening a new depot this month in Hamburg.

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