Grove GMK5150L relocates historic church in Australia | Crane Plus

Grove GMK5150L relocates historic church in Australia | Crane Plus:

Australian crane rental company Cranes Combined supplied a Grove GMK5150L all-terrain crane to move a church in the state of Tasmania. Equipped with 5.6 t of counterweight and working at a radius of just under 12 m, the crane took approximately seven hours to move the 6 t church, which had been in position for over 100 years.
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“The church was built in the 1800s, and therefore relatively delicate, despite its size,” said Chris Kolodziej, who co-owns Cranes Combined with his wife, Cathy. “The GMK5150L is very smooth in its operation, so the whole lift was carried out without a hitch. Even the windows, which are very thin and fragile, were undamaged in the move.”
The GMK5150L has a maximum capacity of 150 t. It has a main boom length of up to 60 m, and a maximum tip height of 88 m.
*   Cranes Combined selects GMK5150L for delicate lift of church, after more than 100 years at previous site.
*   Smooth operation of crane’s controls ensures lift passes off without incident.

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