200t Grove for BFM | Crane Plus

200t Grove for BFM | Crane Plus:

German concrete building erector BFM has taken delivery of a 200 tonne Grove GMK 5200-1 All Terrain crane.

The five axle crane features a 64 metre main boom with an 18 to 34 metre bi-fold swingaway extension and joins a fleet that already includes a 100 tonne GMK 4100, 95 tonne GMK 5095, 100 tonne GMK 5100, 170 tonne GMK 5170 and 300 tonne GMK 6300.

Based in Brüggen, in the west of Germany, the crane is branded under the rental side of the company Mietpark Brüggen, and will be used throughout the country for the installation of precast concrete components.

Grove GMK 5200-1, BFM

Grove GMK 5200-1

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